Written by Alejandro Moreno, LOROS NEGROS is a highly poetic piece, whose central figures are precisely the images created in language.
The profoundly radical and beautiful proposal made to us by the text is that it is a play written to be represented in the dark; as if the viewer was actually inside the obscure body of the speaker, listening to his inner voices discuss. In this way LOROS NEGROS offers a theatrical paradox: a play that should not be seen.
A speaker who refers to himself as “us” has made a decision: to commit suicide. It is against this decision that the body- as independent entity- reacts “attacking” the speaker. We are thus invited to experience the description of the attack as it occurs inside the body. The dark interior of the body -as uncontrolled nature- rebels in spasms against an individual who believes he is able to determine his life to the point of deciding the time of his death. LOROS NEGROS touches uppon deep philosophical questions regarding the mind/body split, and the construction of reality in language.