Rey Planta or The Plant King is a monologue whose protagonist is a king in “vegetative state”. He cannot move or speak, he is trapped in his body, and we can only hear his voice. Inspired by a real event that took place in Nepal in 2001, Manuela Infante writes this one-day-long thinking stream. A prince kills all his family and then fails to commit suicide. He survives in a permanenent but conscious “vegetative state”. Since he is the only survivor of the royal family, he is declared king, and is placed -as a museum piece- in his throne before his people. Unable to move or speak, he wanders into a long deliberation propelled by what he sees feels and thinks during one whole day.

What is the power of a motionless king? And how does he exert this power? REY PLANTA deals with the invisibility of the power by which we govern and are governed upon; a transparent, impeccable power that assures social order and productivity by means of disciplinary mechanisms based on self control and self censuring; a power mechanism of which we all form part, and of which we can all be held responsible.

In this piece actors are divided in “the body” and “the voice”. Actress Maria Jose Parga does the voice of the king from a separate room, only connected to the actor playing “the body” by a small monitor or TV set.